Welcome to Cogs of Immoren, a full progression campaign set in the Iron Kingdoms.

We’ll be playing using the newest book without add-ons (Urban Adventures is notoriously hard to find where I am right now), and including errata. There are currently 5 players with room for a sixth, though I am quite sure the spot may be filled already. Check the Characters page for PC/NPC back story.

The story restricts a few career choices, though there is a work-around for anyone who is interested. This is the Khador/Cygnar specific classes, though you could potentially allow a determined player to later switch his second career for one of the faction-specifics.

All characters begin knowing Khadoran and Ordic, as well as knowing Khadorian Lore at a skill level of 1. Any additional languages can be picked as normal, as these benefits are a part of the story.

Cogs of Immoren